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Usually, when you fail to input a valid password then you are prevented from login in the account. There are various circumstances which are responsible for such a situation. Though password is the major culprit but sometimes email address could also be one reason. You fail to input proper details when you have forgotten the password when you are accessing the account after a long period of time but whenever you come across any such problem then you can go for the process of ATT email password recovery which could help you to get back your password. Sometimes the problem of the password may also arise when your account has been hacked and hacker changed the password of the ATT email account. There is one way to overcome all these situations that recovering the password with the help of expert technicians. As there are numerous steps in the recovery procedure which would seem to be tough for any layman, so the help of our expert technicians could be taken for understanding the steps in better way.

ATT customer service number for resetting password

You can’t get back exactly the password that you had earlier instead you have to reset the password and get a new password. This is done through the ATT email password recovery process. If you have forgotten the password, then it is better to create a new one by this process. Suppose when you have changed the password recently and now you have forgotten the new password then also you can get back password through this process. You have to avail the help of our team in the process and for contacting them you have to dial ATT customer service number. Our team provides you complete guidance of the entire set of steps.

What are the steps of recovering the password?

  • In order to recover the password using the security questions you have to first of all visit the forgot page of ATT email. There you have to click on the password option in case you have difficulty finding this page then you can avail help of ATT email technical support.
  • After the password option is found then you have to type your ATT email address and further you will be asked to type the last name. When you click on continue you can proceed further to other steps. Only after recovering the password the ATT email login problem could be solved.
  • In next step you will find a page where you have to select ‘I’ll answer my security questions’ option. Then you will find the questions that you have registered to your account earlier and answer those questions. Suppose you don’t remember the answer of the questions then you can contact ATT email support team for help.
  • In the proceeding steps you need to click on the back button and then click on ‘send me a temporary password’ verification method. You can use the verification method for ATT email password recovery only if you have registered a mobile number or an alternative email address linked to the account. After you have chosen this method you have to click on continue button for proceeding with the steps.
  • Further, you will find a page where you will have to enter a new password and the verify it only when you have a registered email address. If you have any problem in these steps, then you can contact our team for help in the process of ATT email password recovery.
  • At the end of the process you have to proceed and type your new password in the new password box and then you have to retype it for confirming it and finally you have to click on continue button for completing the process of recovery. This also help you in case you are suffering from ATT email hacked account.


Definitely, problems related to password are tough to handle but it is not that much big issue when experts of our team are beside you. You can seek help of our team at any point of time for ATT email password recovery.